Last generation LED sources

The use of LEDs in the medical field allows for numerous advantages: long life, better color rendering, energy efficiency, ease of assembly and maintenance.
This type of lighting guarantees brightness of the light and the absence of IR and UV components as well as high luminous efficiency and a very long life (> 50,000 hours).

The right light

The design of the dental clinic must include the use of lamps that ensure maximum visual comfort, perfect color rendering and significant energy savings. ÈCLAIRÉ lamps are designed to ensure optimal working conditions as required by the UNI EN 12464-1 standard, which defines the lighting requirements for indoor workplaces.

our story

ÈCLAIRÉ has its roots in the parent company ATENA LUX, a manufacturer of lighting systems for the technical and medical sectors since 1994. Due to the need to offer a complete and tailor-made solution for dental practices and dental laboratories, the company has developed a complete range for the lighting of the dental clinic with the application of the most requested innovations technological.