Visual comfort

Lighting fittings and medical equipment for dental surgery and dental laboratory.

Eclairé specialization in dental field comes from the desire to offer to this particular medical category a good working environment where it is guaranteed the visual safety, protecting the eyes and maintaining the best psychophysical conditions.

It is demonstrated that the natural light affects the human being, just think how a good Sunny day can brighten up our daily life. It is essential to plan a medical environment with a good level and quality of the light, very closer to the natural one.

Eclairé lighting fittings were made to guarantee a very good illumination level and a well-balanced lighting environment, a perfect colour rendering index and a good compromise between artificial and natural light.

To maintain a visual comfort it is also very important to assure a perfect distribution of the light not just on the working place but also on the surrounding areas. A good illumination level must be provide in all the room, in a way that the dentist does not suffer the change of the light intensity moving his eyes from the patient to other areas of the room.

Thanks to their particular design these fittings are able to enlighten perfectly all the spaces of the room, a good illumination level is guaranteed also on the furniture and the area where the dentist put his instruments. Moreover the dazzling, direct and indirect, is avoided thanks to the emission of indirect light and the use of particular antidazzle opal diffuser that screens the light when it comes directly from the fitting.