Lighting fittings and medical equipment for dental surgery and dental laboratory.

ECLAIRE lighting proposal adapts itself to the structural characteristics of the rooms and can be completed thanks to the wide range of steel and aluminum countertops, with a great variety of models and finishes. Installed with an exposed or concealed structure, they guarantee a high-impact technical and aesthetic performance in every context. The false ceiling integrates perfectly with the lighting fixtures and accessory elements such as sprinklers, smoke detectors and heating systems.


Some types of false ceilings are designed to satisfy the needs of security and high stability of the false ceiling in all areas where there is a marked seismic risk.
Specific models are supplied with relative seismic relationship, and are equipped with a particular ANTISEISMIC KIT internationally patented.


Through a wide range of materials and perforations, metallic false ceilings could be employed to achieve the wished acoustic result.
The panels acoustic performances under certain conditions have been studied and certificated by indipendent organizations.


Original and elegant solutions, the metallic false ceilings are all customizable with punctures and decorative finishes.
Our technical department is able to attend customers from the design phase to the choice of the finish so that the false ceiling could integrate light and other elements in a harmonious, efficent and original way.